Thursday, November 5, 2009


1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45lbs/20kg
30 Pull Ups

Result: 15:13s (Sub 1km run for Rows)

What a great workout! :)

I feel the soreness in the shoulders now. Most probably the accumulated effects from this morning's workout too. Started with 12kg KBs each arm till the olympic barbell (20kgs) was free.

Then as usual - the pull ups really slowed me down! Yikes! Must train harder to get stronger!

I guess I will need to consume more protein aka building blocks for muscles & strength purposes. Any bigger I'll look like the Asian version of way no way!

Have a good week peeps!

Till next time, scones & tea anyone?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weighted Pull Ups!

Max Weight

Result: 12kg, 13kg, 12.5kg, 12kg, 12kg, 12kg, 12.5kg

I started out with 16kgs straightaway but couldn't even get my top lip past the bar!

Right shoulder was click-clackety whilst external transverse rotation. Decided to stick closely to the 12kg range and also ensuring the range of movement was perfect. (Probably will try again later in the evening with a 16kg! )

Grips are important! How you grip the bar/rings will determine the strength you have to lift the weight. As the weight increases, you will need to ask yourself  "Can I hang on to this grip with this weight?"

1) Overhand grip (palms facing away) tend to engage more lats & forearms and usually done with lighter weights. Try to use this grip for as long as you can as this will be your benchmark to future weighted pull ups.

2) Reverse grips(palms facing you) are the strongest. This grip utilises slightly more bicep work that enables you to control the movement and weight. Thus, making it easier on the forearms and you will be able to lift more. This is usually used when the overhand & mixed grip fails.

3) Mixed grip (one reverse, one overhand). Usually done when Overhand grip fails.

Try it out and let me know your feedback! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Back Squat (Strength)

Back Squat

Result: 45kg, 55kg, 65kg, 62.5kg, 62.5kg


At 65kgs, I couldn't break parallel. DARN! Shoulders were feeling sore and tired!

Just need to rack up 5kgs more! Come on! Come on!!!

Shoulders Are Knackered! AGAIN!

For time of:
50 Double Unders
50 Push Ups
50 Double Unders
50 Ring Dips
50 Double Unders
50 Handstand Push ups
Result: 16:56 (Ring Dips +R)
Double unders are always nice to execute when there's no shoulder exercise accompanying it.
Like in this workout, my shoulders just DIED. Can't even start 10 push ups in a row! Straightaway after the DUs, the first push up felt like I was squeezing a 20kg baboon into my shoulders that it was gonna split with some muscle juices dripping.
Even the double unders were feeling fatigued and the HSPUs really suffered big time. The range started getting smaller and the shoulders just didn't want to hold the body up. At one point, I totally brain-farted and didn't know how to do a handstand! Yikes!
Anyways, glad I finished with "somewhat" good time. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Burpees & Pull Ups!

10 Rounds for time of:
12 Burpees
12 Pull Ups

Result: 22:25s


I attacked this workout right from the start! The first set, I nailed both burpees & pull ups all 12 straight with no breaks! (YEAH!)

Once the 2nd & 3rd round came, I was breaking it up into '6s' as my palms weren't feeling too strong with the grips. (Note to self: Forearm trainings next!) I feel comfortable with my burpees pace & strength till this point. It only gets tougher mentally during Round 5!

Thats when I got out of breath, legs were feeling sore and my forearms were also sore...I think it's good cos it's an indication of where I need to improve in. It is only through awareness and willingness to change that we can only improve!

By the time I finished, I was glad! :) It was a mentally challenging workout and 85% physically tough. It's what your brains tell your body to enable it to "keep on pushing" to get past round 7 and through all 10 rounds with perfect technique, range and form! Not forgetting - good time! :)

Alright! I'm ready for the next attack! Are you?

Rest Day

Been checking out some Crossfit & Paleolitic sites and found some good reads today.

Recovery day today! YAY! :)


Update : Feeling sore on my right anterior deltoid all of a sudden. Not able to specify exact time of injury today! Weird huh?? Yesterday it was the posterior till I didn't dare ring up the weights. Yet I did the ring dips as RX. Guessing that that was the cure! Ok ok...praying to get well now. *thinking super +++ *

It's back to my cavewoman tastebuds again tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! :)

Wheeee! :D