Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weighted Pull Ups!

Max Weight

Result: 12kg, 13kg, 12.5kg, 12kg, 12kg, 12kg, 12.5kg

I started out with 16kgs straightaway but couldn't even get my top lip past the bar!

Right shoulder was click-clackety whilst external transverse rotation. Decided to stick closely to the 12kg range and also ensuring the range of movement was perfect. (Probably will try again later in the evening with a 16kg! )

Grips are important! How you grip the bar/rings will determine the strength you have to lift the weight. As the weight increases, you will need to ask yourself  "Can I hang on to this grip with this weight?"

1) Overhand grip (palms facing away) tend to engage more lats & forearms and usually done with lighter weights. Try to use this grip for as long as you can as this will be your benchmark to future weighted pull ups.

2) Reverse grips(palms facing you) are the strongest. This grip utilises slightly more bicep work that enables you to control the movement and weight. Thus, making it easier on the forearms and you will be able to lift more. This is usually used when the overhand & mixed grip fails.

3) Mixed grip (one reverse, one overhand). Usually done when Overhand grip fails.

Try it out and let me know your feedback! :)

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