Friday, March 26, 2010

Are You Ready to PUSHMORE?

Ripped Palms?

1)For Time of:
10 KB Thrusters @ 16kg/8kg
50 Double Unders
8 KB Thrusters @ 16kg/8kg
40 Double Unders
6 KB Thrusters @ 16kg/8kg
30 Double Unders
4 KB Thrusters @ 16kg/8kg
20 Double Unders
2 KB Thrusters @ 16kg/8kg
10 Double Unders

Result: 5:56 (KB @ 12kg)

2)With a 24kg/16kg KB, do 5 rounds for time of:
10 Single Arm Swings (L&R)
10 Clean & Jerk (L&R)
10 Snatches (L&R)

Result: 27:31 (KB @ 12kg)

No ripped palms!

Yeah! No chalk nor gloves today...just good control of the KB to ensure it didn't squeeze my palm skin and fold it into some apom lookalike. The challenge was the snatches! I wanted to practice the "twisting" motion at top as I wasn't used to it. Normally I would do the "punching up" version, but you know, practice makes perfect yeah! So there we are. Some amount of practice today to get it working!

On the other hand, I just took a pic of my back since someone commented that I was "HUGE"...

Big mehhh??? What do you think? Honest opinions arr... Thank you! :)

Non flexed wings.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Legs Choc Chip!

10 Mins AMRAP of:

30 Double Unders
15 KB Thrusters @ 12kg
5 Handstand Push Ups

Result: 3R + 30DU

Break and then -

35 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 20kg
50 Box Jumps 18"
35 Push Press @ 20kg
50 Squats
35 Toe to Bar (Rings)
50 KB Swings @ 16kg
35m KB Lunges @ 16kg
50 Burpees

Result: 31:50

Pretty interesting WOD I must say! Loved the weighted components with the MetCon elements. The challenge for me came in at the Lunges & Burpees. Really just did 1-by-1 till the end without any rest!

For SUCCESS, STAY IN THE "ZONE"!! Mind over matter :)

Can't wait for post birthday celebration session tonight! Wheeee! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post KB training

P3235914 (39K)
While resting during training yesterday.
Did C&Js for 10mins in hopes for a stronger shoulder set! :)

Peace out!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Certified Level 1 KB Trainer!

CKT L1 Bunch

Just got that over the weekend and I think it was pretty swell to have a knowledgeable, patient and role model trainer like Vince on board IKFF! Think we did almost 800 reps over 16 hours! OMG!

One of the key points he threw was that "If you want your client to do it, you should be able to do it yourself (perfectly)". So, comes back to being a good role model for your clients and members. Your form/technique/timing should always be perfect!

This training was EXCELLENT yet kinda challenging for me (for various reasons) and I wanna thank the following people for their love and support! The Bee, 131, Mohawk, MsZ, V and my family.  

Time to practice now! :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Awesome Team!

Awesome workout on Friday guys!
Your energy, desire to improve and passion is infectious!
Can't wait for this Friday to come!


All in one!

It has been a hectic week! From last Wednesday, till today!


And I don't know where to start!


Well there was the Trainers Workout, then the Open Day, then the Clean-Up day, then the aftermath of all 3 days. And now, the prep for the next Trainers' Workout..and the next Open Day! Everything is lined up like a food processor line that nothing should go wrong! If it does, we'll just modify and handle it lah! Not a biggie!

For me, I need to get more rest. Perhaps more sleep and more food! It's not just sleeping 6hrs daily and letting time pass by, but it's about getting quality sleep and rest that the body needs! Mentally I wanna feel refresh and alert everyday! Not looking like Morticia Adams! Gotta be at 100% all the time! Well, if you wanna know, I do have my worries at night and some times I can't really sleep. Yes yes some of you have told me to "let go"...but I guess I'll have to learn it the hard way hey? Maybe someone can calm my nerves... hmm?

Yes, more food! Specifically meat and fruits! Favorite fruits so far are apples, oranges, and plums. I think the variety will increase towards May and maybe I'll end up consuming 3 of each fruit a day. Not much for me, but for caloric amount, I'm gonna need more CHOs! 

On a random note, I think pomelos are awesome. Mix it with lime juice :) SLURP!

Anyway! Here are some snapshots of workout results these few days:
Annie: 5:37
Press 5-5-5 : 25, 30, 35(1), 32.5(3)
Barbell Rows: 10x10 @ 30kg
3 Types of Pull Ups : 1:05:00 (30sets, DB @ 10lbs)

I'm looking forward to an exciting weekend! It will be filled with loads of cannon balls, sweat and lovely palm therapy. :D 

Right now, I'm just gonna sleep in!!! If anyone calls me at 7:30am, please make sure I WAKE UP! Means, get out of bed and pick up your call.

Well, have a great week ahead peeps!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a 100!

100 Deadlifts @ 55kg

Result: 20:07

All reps done in 10x10 format.

I was feeling pretty sore and tired from yesterday's class and decided to take a break from shoulder workouts today especially with the Jumping MUs! Not gonna kill my shoulders man! Need to recover! And indeed it was a blessing because this was something I didn't do for sometime now and I NEEDED to do it! :)

Back felt strong! Form was good overall. Except for the left knee which buckles inwards slightly on the downphase. Could be a fear of the pain due to a knee injury that I recently had. In fact, I am avoiding all squats exercises for the moment! YES AVOIDING till Friday's trainer's workout. I wanna be ready for that!

Feel damn good after today's workout! :)


Sunday, March 7, 2010


Preface to FMP

The recent earthquake in Haiti has devastated an already deprived country, leaving many dead and countless others without even the most basic resources for survival.

Many have heard the call to provide assistance to the people affected by this disaster through prayer and/or by making contributions to the Red Cross, Unicef, or their local churches.

Through Facebook, I’ve been following a friend of mine, who flew to Haiti about a week ago, to help survivors in any and every way he can.

Michael Bowen, this FMP is dedicated to you, and all the others like you.



While working as part of an relief mission in Port au Prince, Haiti, your search and rescue team was approached by a group of NATO forces and locals who stated that a large amount of rubble was lying on top of what used to be a pharmacy. The medical supplies, they said, were badly needed to resupply a nearby aid station that had been over-run with the injured. They also stated that an ambulance would be coming to collect the medical supplies in 20 minutes with a medical team to load the supplies.


As quickly as possible, remove by hand all rubble, without damaging the badly needed medicine and supplies. Once all debris is removed, a medical team will collect supplies and load on to ambulance. You will have 20 minutes to remove all debris. Because the ambulance is also transporting injured, they will not be able to stop if debris is not cleared.

FMP Workout

Each member of your team must:

Deadlift – Males 10,000 lbs / Females 7,000 lbs @ 80reps - 88lbs
Clean – Males 5,000 lbs / Females 3,000 lbs @ 69reps - 44lbs


Males – Clean 135 lbs and walk 100 Yards
Females – Clean 95lbs and walk 100 Yards (KB @ 20kg)

Scale your bar for what you can safely lift multiple times
Timer does not stop for any reason

Result: 15:47

Since I had some minor issue with my foot, and couldn't bounce off my toes, I decided to FMP. Still feeling slightly sore from saturday, but the foot pain was worse! HENCE, today's FMP which saved the day!

Had good rhythm and strength in my deadlifts at 40kgs whilst ensuring form was strong and not bouncing off the floor so I put mats at the bottom to reduce the tapping onto the floor. Felt happy that I managed to maintain the overhand grip mostly throughout the deadlifts. :)

The cleans at 20kgs were pretty easy at the start! And then it started feeling heavier, and my forearms were pumped up! And my back was getting sore! OMG! Tahan! Tahan! Must fight the fatigue in the forearms! Yeah! And I did :)

The last cleans and walk were uber extra crazee! Couldn't even rack up the 20s on each side. YES, CLEAN 20kg KBs on each arm. It's 80% of my bodyweight on both arms! OMG! So heavy till they were falling off at every 10m mark! And also I was falling backwards, I felt like the Hunchback of Notredame's Step sister...the one that leans so far back and walks with the hips protruding forward..LOL

I'm gonna spend some time this afternoon stretching the back so that the muscles can get ample recovery... sitting upright for couple of hours ain't good for the back! Yay! :)

Righty-o peeps!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meatworks FTW!

Waldorf Salad & Potato Salad

Milk Fed Lamb

Chicken Cutlet

T-Brontosaurus Steak (1kg)

Thanks guys for a fun, enjoyable and great evening! Love you all! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Presses !

10x10 Presses : 20,20,20,16,16,16,16,20,20,20kgs

5x10 Bent Over Rows : 30,30,30,30,40kgs

"Death by 10meters" 15Laps + 15.

Loved today's WOD :)

One lap short of 16 but I improved by 10 laps today :)

Had ginseng fish for lunch before heading for meeting with the team! Then had peppermint tea to just relax the body. Perhaps tooooo relaxed! So tired that I didn't move an inch off my seat once I sat down! LOL!

Alright! I need some sleep tonight!

Can't wait for tomorrow! :D Wheeeeeeeee!

I love presses! (repeat x100)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


For time of:
50 Deadlifts @ 1.5x Bodyweight (75kg) : 20:10

Love this piece of work!

It's nasty yet a mentally gruesome back-smashing challenge! Started off doing singles till in I felt comfy doing 3s ...and so I went off with 3s. Till the 35th rep! Then after that was singles ...back was really feeling numb till I tremble even when standing up straight! 

There were moments I thought "This is going to take me 50 mins!" or "Shit back's feeling weird" y'know. But I just reminding myself, "Lock in, breathe and drive"..."Focus..steady" I didn't wanna wreck my back! Gotta take care WHILE during workout. Can't afford any injuries!

Was DAMN happy when I approached the 49th rep! Just had to remind myself not to wreck my back or take the last rep for granted! And 50th done deal!


I'm gonna eat a whole cow now. Wanna join me? Or would you  rather do 100BW Deadlifts instead? 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running JT

Run 400m
21 Handstand Push Ups (HSPU)
21 Ring Dips
21 Push Ups
Run 800m
15 Handstand Push Ups (HSPU)
15 Ring Dips
15 Push Ups
Run 1200m
9 Handstand Push Ups (HSPU)

9 Ring Dips
9 Push Ups

Result: 30:18

YEAH! Running JT was HOT today! :)

Running at 11am in this Malaysian weather (at 37 Celcius) is Q-U-I-T-E a challenge... Just gotta move like how you move during any ordinary 400m run. The heat starts eating into your lungs and body, YET you STILL have to push through.You can't let the heat stop you. No excuses! One step at a time. Lift, push, lift, push!

And boy! Once I came back up, the HSPUs were nasty! I put a mat under my head to ensure I hit full range at every rep. HEAD, not hair! As expected, I couldn't last that long, and my shoulders just couldn't push up once at bottom! Was going 5 reps at a time...which was pretty good yeah!

And to top it off, the ring dips were amazingly the 'best'! Love 'em till I die! Yup, I was in pain. Did one by one by one till I completed it. Often than not, I felt like there's an internal combustion process going on each time I pushed up from the dip. ARGH!

Push ups........? Wrecked my shoulders! Gotta work at it some more!! :)

Today, I end up shoulderless, chestless, and a shade darker! :)

One Step At A Time

To progress, you need to take one step at a time.
(L-R: Jesse James, Jensen the General, Mighty Mike, Sizzling Sze Ning)

You wanna show the world,
but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you're feeling more and more frustrated
And you're getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time

You believe and you doubt
You're confused, you got it all figured out
Everything that you always wished for
Could be yours, should be yours, would be yours
If they only knew

by Jordin Sparks (One Step At A Time)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lovely Lunges!

In real fact, I prefer Squats over Lunges! Hahahah :)

Today's workout was:

Press 5-5-5  (25kg, 30kg, 30kg)
100m Walking Lunges with 5kg plate Overhead 

Result: 7:37

5kg is NOTHING when you lift it with both your hands. But when you continuously uphold it overhead, it feels like 500KGS on the shoulders! My legs were already wobbly from the 4.6km run earlier to PushMore. Then did the presses...then the lunges. At every step, the back knee must touch the ground to ensure full ROM.

Eddibee, Juan and Ben did the lunges together. Ben did 400m. Eddibee and I did 100m each. He was pumped from the deadlifts. I was dead from the run under the humid and still air...breathing in all the carbon monoxide emitted from the lorries and non tree hugging vehicles. *kof kof*

The legs felt like Konyaku jelly after that... And the best part was?

I had another 4.6km run to go!

Now, THIS was a GREAT morning! :)

Pic taken by Karen earlier after realizing my 'wings' when lifting OH!

Lucky number Four !

At the point of writing this, I am feeling tired since I just got back from work and had to do some forearm training at home. Also probably slightly disappointed that I couldn't hit 65kgs for 5 reps straight for my back squats! Probably I was too excited to attempt it! And maybe overdid my legs! Yikes! 4 workouts today. Think I'm random. Here goes....

1)Back Squats 5-5-5 (50kgs, 60kgs, 65kg(2))

2)For time of:
30 Pull Ups
60 Double Unders
20 Pull Ups
40 Double Unders
10 Pull Ups
20 Double Unders

Result: 7:48

3)100 Step Ups @ 18" Box (50 each leg) : 9:35 (10kg plate Overhead)

*Got a nagging right knee-ligament pain when right leg extends to bottom.  It hurts each time I do squats. Let's sort this out quick before it affects other workouts!

4)Kb Timed Sets(L&R): Cleans, Push Jerks, Snatches.
Result: Average of:  23, 20, 18.

Gotta work on the forms for snatches. I feel cacat on my left arm! Timing feels slow and 'bangy' upon KB landing at top. Got my delts all pumped up! They are sore now. SORE. And tomorrow? We have PRESSES! YAY. Time to get stronger BABEH! :)


Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Why today is a good day?

1) I  didn't get enough sleep yet I still managed to blast through the wod with good pace without getting any blisters from the pul ups! Dread that the most! 
2)Feel really blessed to be doing what I'm doing  with great people all around!
3) Because it IS a good day! Made it happen!

What can I do better?
1) Pull ups for 5 in a row...minimum!
2) Quick drive from bottom of squat. Don't wait too long there!
3) Sleep. Sleep better, sleep more.

Flat footed new Army recruit!

Gosh. I didn't know my right calves looked so huge.