Monday, October 26, 2009


21-15-9 of:
30kg Barbell Thrusters
Pull Ups

Time: 7:56 (PR)

I was very nervous at the start! I had set up my barbell and plates and felt all ready to go. But once I stepped up next to the bar, I felt this tremendous heart palpitation and nervousness that I had felt at the starting blocks of race days.

Did a couple of easy reps with the bar and felt slightly uncomfortable with the rack position - that's because I am still getting used to th wrist positioning! Yikes!!

It was time for...... "3,2,1 GO!

Did 11 straight, with 10 after. Pull ups could only manage 4 in a row for the first few sets and then had to break it down to triples. By now, I was already feeling the effects in the wrists and forearms. PUMPED!

When 15 came by, it was 3sets of 5 reps already..."wah-lau-eh" was my Frequently Said Word. Couldn't swear at all as was kinda out of breath and panting heavily. It's a tough chick to handle!!! Pull ups were in 3s and broke into doubles.

The final 9 were torturous. The end felt near, yet far. 5&4. then double pull ups and singles. OMG it felt GREAT to reach the end!

1) I felt quite good in completing the workout today eventhough I had a handful of peanuts just before I started. There was enough energy and in fact more than what I would've expected. I feel great!
2)Realised I must keep my heels grounded more on the up-phase to ensure I don't overload my quads.
3) Need to strengthen wrists and improve rack position. It's OK now..but will need to be GREAT at it!

What's next? A 6 min Fran?

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