Friday, October 30, 2009

"Power Elizabeth"

21-15-9 of:
Power Cleans 60kg(M)/50kg(W)
Ring Dips

Result: 9:25s (BB @ 30kgs)

Yet another good workout :)

I opted for 30kgs as didn't feel confident of my shoulder strength. Could have done a little heavier ie 35/40kgs if I wasn't injured. (Blessing in disguise!! :) )

First set of cleans I managed to hit 10 straight, and then broke down to 6 & 5. OMG my butt and hamstrings were feeling the soreness from the back squats here. I so swear I could feel my butt ripping apart like a piece of paper. >.<

I felt pretty knacked from the 15s cleans with the fatigue setting into the legs. Yet, I managed 8 & 7 and this means it wasn't as 'bad' as it seemed.

Ring dips! Did it as RX! :) This has been one of my "goats" for the fact I couldn't even lift my bodyweight. Grrr.... (high expectations' causes depression.. haha). Happy I did 3 in a row...and then broke it down to singles as I couldn't sustain my body weight! Yikes!

I'm glad my shoulder didn't burnout or get aggravated further!!

More injury = more rest = less time to train = decreased fitness = decreased strength.

NOW, it's time for rest :)

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