Friday, October 30, 2009

Legs & Abs!

Four rounds for time of:
50 Walking Lunges
50 Sit Ups

Result: 8:24secs (4R), 11.10secs(5R)

Top notch results today!

In fact I did 5 rounds instead of 4. When I finished the 4th round, I thought I had done 4, but just to be sure, I did an extra round to compensate the doubt. And even then, I thought I scored pretty well today!

My butt was starting to feel the soreness. Perhaps tomorrow, it will arriveee...OMG so not looking forward to it. Did my lunges pretty steadily and had quite a good pace. Breathing helps TREMENDOUSLY! Sit ups - I was just going and going and going without breaking a set, until the 5th round when I took a couple of breaks to breathe. Yes, must breathe once in a while. Am still human!

Oh yes, my right shoulder is still pretty nonsensical at this point. I can't stand being in such whammy lousy pain. Need to recover quickly. QUICKLY!!! Bring on the protein!!!

It's one more day to the weekend which I'm tellin' ya - will be filled with LOTS of physical activities!

Have a great one guys!

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