Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weighted Pull Ups = Goat!

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800m
12 Weighted Pull Ups @ 20kg
21 Burpees

Result: 26.33s (400 Skips, WPU@10lbs)
My goat appeared today!
I totally do NOT enjoy weighted pull ups. If you have seen me doing today's workout, you'd have known I'd loathe this exercise! Simply because I'm already feeling the gripping discomfort with BW...and now, pull ups with weights? I can start-up an exfoliation service soon. Who wants to be my first customer??? Just kidding!

Anyway, I did the WPUs one by one with good form (chin over rings) until all 12 were completed. I am happy I managed to do it!! :) YAY!
It was raining the whole afternoon till about 6pm so when I did the WOD, I didn't run. I didn't wanna get sick! So the best options were skips. YES! 400! Luckily not 800. Shoulders dieded at the end and continued dying with WPUs.
Burpees weren't a problem today for me. Possibly due to no running! *grin* But darn it, I am still feeling the heel spurs' backlash in my left heel. Crap. Must get better. Must heal. This is really bugging me!
But anyhow, it was a pretty fruitful day after the foundation class. I really really hope I managed to convey and sink the message into them. If there's any feedback about my performance too, I would like to know so I can improve in my coaching, personal growth and that I can help others.
Time to rest after a great day! :)

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