Friday, December 11, 2009

"Death by Deadlifts"

With a continuously running clock, do one Deadlift the first minute, two Deadlifts the second minute, three Deadlifts the third minute... continuing for as many minutes as you are able.

Use as many sets as needed to complete the Deadlifts for each minute.

Deadlift @ 100kg(M)/60kg(W)

Result:  13 mins & 12 Reps.


The first 5-7 rounds were still alright. Back and legs felt good and could last. But once the 9th minute came in, I started getting lower ribs compressions and discomfort through the upper abdominals. Breathing got a little harder and it was a challenge to maintain good form with the back experiencing a paper rip.

The 11th minute onwards were utter madness. Palms, forearms, shoulders were starting to feel the soreness! PUMPED!!! OMG! The left anterior shoulder started tweaking a little and I just had to stay in the zone and focus on the movement of the next rep, and the next rep...and so on... until I completed all reps within the minute.

13th & 14th minute I had to break up the reps! Insanity was doing all reps at one go! Said goodbye to my forearms and back during the 14th and gave victory to the bar. All 60kgs of it.

Did my best and was pretty happy with it! My bodyweight's 50kg, and I'm lifting 60kgs!!! YEAH!!!

Total Deadlifts today: 103

***Updated 5:05pm

Had bought some "metal rings" to be placed under the gate hinge for re-alignment  reasons.

After almost 10 years in the making of a crooked gate (one side higher than the other), I had decided that enough is enough! I will fix it TODAY. DECEMBER 12th 2009.

1) Each time we leave the house, we have to lift the gate with one arm whilst carrying all our other bags etc. SO inconvenient esp for my parents.
2) When it rains, it increases the "getting wet" time having to lift the gate and re-lock it.
3) It's just so damn inconvenient!! (Lifting your gate each time you get into the house is so tiring and inconvenient)

Dad was sleeping and I didn't want to bother him. He'd probably wake up and "moodilise" me.

Mom & Sis were out. No time to do it later. So I guess I had to do it alone. Under the hot sun. 

I don't even know how heavy that blardee gate is. Just lifted the fler and got it onto the ground. Hmmm. Not that heavy but it was a FREAKING LONG gate vs my height! The axis of force vs weght was imbalanced!

After dropping in the rings, I had to lift the gates back onto the 2 "stumps". After 5 tries, and holding the gate for like almost a minute each time, I finally aligned the gate "holes" and "stumps" together. I was darn happy man!

Mom would be amazed with me. Dad would be indifferent. Perhaps a bit shocked. Sis would be like "WAH..."

I'm so tired now. And my back and shoulders are knackered!!!

***Updated. 7:37am

Haha, I assumed the reactions wrongly!
Dad was like "What! How'd you do that? Alone?? Haaa??"
Mom didn't even realize the gate was aligned properly when she came back last night.

Anyway when I woke up this morning, my shoulders felt really sore.
Probably do a light run today.
We'll see!

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