Monday, December 7, 2009

Hot 800!

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800m
12 Kettlebell Swings @ 32kg(M)/24kg(W)
50 Double Unders

Result: 16:16

Great running workout!

I must say the 3rd round's run was the most challenging mentally! By the time I passed the Media Hotel, I was finding it tough to keep pace (up to my expectations).  The blazing sun just made my tan darker! 

The challenge was maintaining the rhythm during the Double Unders! The shoulders would just tense up and freeze in soreness after the KB swings! The wrist would be fine, but shoulders will need to tense up to stabilize the arms to generate the consistent speed. Ooh the feeling of sore shoulders! I must be a sucker for pain.

Although it was hot, I'm glad my bandana shielded my head from the uber-hot sun! 

Yet another great workout! :D

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