Sunday, January 24, 2010

Endurance & 40-20-50

For time of:
Run 5mins, Rest 5mins
Run 4mins, Rest 4mins
Run 3mins, Rest 3mins
Run 2mins, Rest 2mins
Run 1mins, Rest 1mins

Result: 1190m, 980m, 780m, 500m, 300m

For time of:
40 Ring Dips
20 Pull Ups
50 Push Ups

Result: 21:26m

Totally forgot about the CTB pull ups! OMG! It was at the end when I suddenly remembered "Eh, supposed to be CTB or strict pull ups lahhh!! " . Fail. Hahaha!

Forearms were maimed! My ring dips took the longest time to complete. When reaching the 30th dip, the time was almost 10 mins!!!

Think I can do better in my run!

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