Sunday, January 3, 2010

"J.T & Front Squats"


21-15-9 of:
Ring Dips
Push Ups

Result: 20:26

Death by ring dips! Nasty! The first set of ring dips took FOREVER. I thought I was never gonna finish it! This round was really slow man. The last time was done in 10mins but with a blue band. ring dips suck! Need to work on that!!!

100 Front Squats (20kg)
Result : 9:04

Decided to do some endurance work today rather than strength. The challenge was maintaining the rack position in good form. My wrists were uncomfortable! ARGH! They felt like tearing at the base of the wrist whilst the back of the wrist had red lines across the skin. A sign of extreme pressure & compression!

Had to break up a few times to rest the wrist. The legs didn't feel much cos it's the wrist wrecking up!

Turkish Get Up.
This is way better than the candy.

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