Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jumping MUs!

20mins AMRAP of:
5 Jumping MUs
10 Russian Twists (12kg)
15 Double Unders

Result: 7R + 2.

Thought of doing 8Rs but my scab on right upper arm (that was previously scraped from the JMUs) got scraped again and started bleeding! Need to arm myself with plasters now! Reminder to self: Use blue "useless" finger tape before getting onto rings! The scab is NOT WORTH rescarring! But other than that, the Russian Twists were slightly challenging because of the weight. Double unders were just complementary. Easy peasy!

Ok Mohawk, lets see what you've got!

P/S: Mohawk, I changed my message tone because of you! Hopefully it doesn't 'kill' your ears! See you when back! Whee! 

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