Saturday, July 3, 2010



Was a good morning's run! Weather was cool and comfortable to run in. Laced on my Reebok Zigs and set off!

Throughout the run, I felt very buoyant - light, bouncy and fearless. The first 1k had a slight incline and the shoes did help to get the lift.

Then once it came to the straight & long roads, I started feeling minor tightness in the calves and also in the left quad tendon. I was wondering why till I came to the conclusion that the high heeled cushioning/support did not promote POSE Method nor forefoot running. It was more of a heel-strike shoe. That's why it's giving us 1-inch more for our heights!

Good thing as well was the internal sole didn't heat up as compared to my Nike's, Mizuno, NB, Brooks or VFFs. Plus point for Reebok ZIG!

The shoe gave good support and cushioning for the heels and the mid-foot. I laced mine right up to the topmost hole and the laces didn't loosen up. The mid-support (arch area) was also held up well and I felt the shoe "gripping" my pancake-flat arch.

Toes? There was ample breathing space and movement for the toes. I didn't need to adjust the shoes mid-way.

I would need to go through a few more runs to emerge with more points on the shoe. IE longer runs (10k, 21k etc), sprints, shuttle runs etc.

But for today's run, it's good!

Rating: 6/10

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