Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday's Tag Team WOD

Working in partners -

160 x Wall Ball Throws (over bar to each other)
Each time ball touches bar or person drops ball, minus 2 reps.

100 x Barbell Thrusters (30kg, 20kg)
Bar must not touch ground, 50 push ups at the end if it does.

1.5km Run as a pair

1km Row each, done one at a time

100 x Chin Ups accumulated

5 Mins guys/4 Mins girls accumulated handstand hold

Result: 51:10 (Partnered with Jules)

What a FUN Saturday! We did the Snatch Workshop and continued with the workout. Which was very mental compared to physical difficulty. However, lunch made up for the massive power output! Check it out here!

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