Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WOD 062310

Warm Up
4 Rounds of:
12 Pull Ups

WOD 1:
100 Deadlifts for time

Every time stop -
20 Squats
20 Ab Mat

Result: 12:31 (50kg DL)

Broke it up into 25-20-20-20-15. Pretty happy with form and speed! Perhaps next time will go heavier.


WOD 2:
5 Rounds of:
15 Ring Push Ups (R3 onwards Wall Balls)
15 KTEs

Managed to hit the 2nd Round, then right tricep tendon started pulling again. Resulted in doing 3 rounds of wall balls hitting the 12ft mark. Those Dynamax balls are REALLY HUGE! I kept throwing them vertically upwards instead of with an arch at the top. Felt the energy in the fingers was transferred into the ball's core and wasn't driving upwards. Will need to get the hang of it. GIANT WALL BALLS!

Came home to charcoal chicken and salad to refuel the body! :)

I am loving it!

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