Thursday, June 17, 2010

WOD 061710

Warm Up:
Row 1km


For time of:
5 Rounds of Cindy 
30 Back Extensions
5 Rounds of Cindy
30 Back Extensions

Result: 16:59


4 x 15 Overhead Squats
done by count.
(Broomstick, 20kg, 20kg, 20kg)

1) First time rowing on the C2 this year!
2) First time on the GHD for Back Extensions! Wanna try the GHDs soon!
3) Shoulders were super pumped up !

Awesome workout today! Push ups killed me on the 2nd part of Cindys. The shoulders and chest just didn't wanna budge! Every rep was a struggle. Every rep had a grunt. Every rep felt like failure. Stick thru it! Lift the hips! Keep the head up! Chest to floor!

MANNN...the shoulders were further killed in the Conditioning part of the evening with OHS. The first 15 with the broomstick was easy. Then came the O-bar. All 20kgs of it. 

2nd set, dropped at 12.
3rd set, dropped at 12 & 14.
4th set, no drops as rest time was longer than the 1st - 3rd rounds.

Wanna focus on getting my right knee angling outwards on the down phase especially upon onset of fatigue. KEEP IN MIND!!!

I was so hungry today that I had a bowl of beef+chicken pasta and salad! And a couple of eggs too...Perhaps some ice-cream after this?

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