Thursday, June 24, 2010

WOD 062510

Warm Up
Burgener Warm up

Snatch Practice (20,25,27.5,30kg)

WOD: Southern Europe Qualifiers (No.2: The Italian Job)
3 Rounds for time of:
8 Power Clean & Jerk (35kg)
12 Burpees

Result: 11:21

Snatches 2 days in a row!

This time it was different. Benji led the class and gave me the Burgener warm up to do. However, the rest of the guys were doing bar OHS instead. Wonder why...?

We did linear progression for snatches...then hang snatches with full squats. Still working on the hang snatches as did not have the energy to power up from the hips. One thing to remember, bar stays mid thigh! Cos I was dropping for the first few reps (out of habit) and just gotta stick it up there.

When that was over, we went downstairs into the 'Torture Chamber'. This is where they perform the heavy lifts and not many people have ever been down there cos they don't come out alive.

Did the workout with shoulders almost busted. The C&Js were the worst. Burpees just suck because of my right tricep tendon again. BLEH! But anyways, the time was okay la. Hardly do C&Js at that weight anyway. Luckily I didn't keep with 40kgs cos that was what I wanted to do initially. One more thing, must remember to stick me butt out upon catch of bar during Jerk.

Well, was a good start to the day. And yet another crazy wod done... :)

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