Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Schwartz' WOD 062210

15 Mins AMRAP
5 Overhead Squats
15 Double Unders

Result: 13 R (OHS @ 25kg)

Rest then

15 Mins AMRAP
5 Thrusters
15 Burpees

Result: 7 R (Thruster @ 25kg)

Gila Start to today! Started the evening with a 1km row which I took my  time to get through. I knew if I pushed it too hard at the start, I might just end up with an injury in my shoulders or elbows or the joint that wasn't feeling too strong.

I started the 1st workout pretty strong. OHS & DUs were no problem in the first 4Rs. Then when the 6th onwards came in, I had trouble stabilizing through the arms as the forearms were pumped and fatigued from the DUs. I had to slap my elbows like a drug addict to get the blood flowing again. My right elbow felt a little funny too. A few times I had to break my DUs as the shoulder just didn't want to move! Gawdamit! And my SOLES! My SOLES were killing me! It was suicidal and aimed a gun at the mid-foot tendon and said "If you do anymore funky stuff, I'm gonna shoot your foot dead!' But I guess we survived cos that warning came at the end!

Rested 10mins before comtinuing on WOD 2.

The start was OK. Coming to R2/3, my right elbow started to give way. Upon each ascent of the burpee(push up) I could feel the tricep tendon PULLING sharply. It was so painful that I had to use my left knuckle on the floor and right wrist. Placed most of my weight on the left arm to save my right elbow... boy, did that suck! Struggled through the burpees with elevated pain ! OMG.

Overall, the challenge was the breathing! I was already having a cough, but I didn't let that stop me. I was coughing horribly all over the place but I didn't care! Just had to get through each rep! Why waste time in a 15m workout??? Go go go! Maximise it! Push it!

Glad i stuck through it! Loved the workout today despite being super cardioish and doing it in approx 8Degree Celsius weather! OMG! In fact, it's 6Deg C now at home!

Can't wait to get under the nice and warm sheets! :D

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