Monday, March 1, 2010

Lucky number Four !

At the point of writing this, I am feeling tired since I just got back from work and had to do some forearm training at home. Also probably slightly disappointed that I couldn't hit 65kgs for 5 reps straight for my back squats! Probably I was too excited to attempt it! And maybe overdid my legs! Yikes! 4 workouts today. Think I'm random. Here goes....

1)Back Squats 5-5-5 (50kgs, 60kgs, 65kg(2))

2)For time of:
30 Pull Ups
60 Double Unders
20 Pull Ups
40 Double Unders
10 Pull Ups
20 Double Unders

Result: 7:48

3)100 Step Ups @ 18" Box (50 each leg) : 9:35 (10kg plate Overhead)

*Got a nagging right knee-ligament pain when right leg extends to bottom.  It hurts each time I do squats. Let's sort this out quick before it affects other workouts!

4)Kb Timed Sets(L&R): Cleans, Push Jerks, Snatches.
Result: Average of:  23, 20, 18.

Gotta work on the forms for snatches. I feel cacat on my left arm! Timing feels slow and 'bangy' upon KB landing at top. Got my delts all pumped up! They are sore now. SORE. And tomorrow? We have PRESSES! YAY. Time to get stronger BABEH! :)


Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Why today is a good day?

1) I  didn't get enough sleep yet I still managed to blast through the wod with good pace without getting any blisters from the pul ups! Dread that the most! 
2)Feel really blessed to be doing what I'm doing  with great people all around!
3) Because it IS a good day! Made it happen!

What can I do better?
1) Pull ups for 5 in a row...minimum!
2) Quick drive from bottom of squat. Don't wait too long there!
3) Sleep. Sleep better, sleep more.

Flat footed new Army recruit!

Gosh. I didn't know my right calves looked so huge.

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