Wednesday, March 3, 2010


For time of:
50 Deadlifts @ 1.5x Bodyweight (75kg) : 20:10

Love this piece of work!

It's nasty yet a mentally gruesome back-smashing challenge! Started off doing singles till in I felt comfy doing 3s ...and so I went off with 3s. Till the 35th rep! Then after that was singles ...back was really feeling numb till I tremble even when standing up straight! 

There were moments I thought "This is going to take me 50 mins!" or "Shit back's feeling weird" y'know. But I just reminding myself, "Lock in, breathe and drive"..."Focus..steady" I didn't wanna wreck my back! Gotta take care WHILE during workout. Can't afford any injuries!

Was DAMN happy when I approached the 49th rep! Just had to remind myself not to wreck my back or take the last rep for granted! And 50th done deal!


I'm gonna eat a whole cow now. Wanna join me? Or would you  rather do 100BW Deadlifts instead? 

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