Friday, March 5, 2010

Presses !

10x10 Presses : 20,20,20,16,16,16,16,20,20,20kgs

5x10 Bent Over Rows : 30,30,30,30,40kgs

"Death by 10meters" 15Laps + 15.

Loved today's WOD :)

One lap short of 16 but I improved by 10 laps today :)

Had ginseng fish for lunch before heading for meeting with the team! Then had peppermint tea to just relax the body. Perhaps tooooo relaxed! So tired that I didn't move an inch off my seat once I sat down! LOL!

Alright! I need some sleep tonight!

Can't wait for tomorrow! :D Wheeeeeeeee!

I love presses! (repeat x100)

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