Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a 100!

100 Deadlifts @ 55kg

Result: 20:07

All reps done in 10x10 format.

I was feeling pretty sore and tired from yesterday's class and decided to take a break from shoulder workouts today especially with the Jumping MUs! Not gonna kill my shoulders man! Need to recover! And indeed it was a blessing because this was something I didn't do for sometime now and I NEEDED to do it! :)

Back felt strong! Form was good overall. Except for the left knee which buckles inwards slightly on the downphase. Could be a fear of the pain due to a knee injury that I recently had. In fact, I am avoiding all squats exercises for the moment! YES AVOIDING till Friday's trainer's workout. I wanna be ready for that!

Feel damn good after today's workout! :)


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