Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All in one!

It has been a hectic week! From last Wednesday, till today!


And I don't know where to start!


Well there was the Trainers Workout, then the Open Day, then the Clean-Up day, then the aftermath of all 3 days. And now, the prep for the next Trainers' Workout..and the next Open Day! Everything is lined up like a food processor line that nothing should go wrong! If it does, we'll just modify and handle it lah! Not a biggie!

For me, I need to get more rest. Perhaps more sleep and more food! It's not just sleeping 6hrs daily and letting time pass by, but it's about getting quality sleep and rest that the body needs! Mentally I wanna feel refresh and alert everyday! Not looking like Morticia Adams! Gotta be at 100% all the time! Well, if you wanna know, I do have my worries at night and some times I can't really sleep. Yes yes some of you have told me to "let go"...but I guess I'll have to learn it the hard way hey? Maybe someone can calm my nerves... hmm?

Yes, more food! Specifically meat and fruits! Favorite fruits so far are apples, oranges, and plums. I think the variety will increase towards May and maybe I'll end up consuming 3 of each fruit a day. Not much for me, but for caloric amount, I'm gonna need more CHOs! 

On a random note, I think pomelos are awesome. Mix it with lime juice :) SLURP!

Anyway! Here are some snapshots of workout results these few days:
Annie: 5:37
Press 5-5-5 : 25, 30, 35(1), 32.5(3)
Barbell Rows: 10x10 @ 30kg
3 Types of Pull Ups : 1:05:00 (30sets, DB @ 10lbs)

I'm looking forward to an exciting weekend! It will be filled with loads of cannon balls, sweat and lovely palm therapy. :D 

Right now, I'm just gonna sleep in!!! If anyone calls me at 7:30am, please make sure I WAKE UP! Means, get out of bed and pick up your call.

Well, have a great week ahead peeps!

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