Monday, March 1, 2010

Lovely Lunges!

In real fact, I prefer Squats over Lunges! Hahahah :)

Today's workout was:

Press 5-5-5  (25kg, 30kg, 30kg)
100m Walking Lunges with 5kg plate Overhead 

Result: 7:37

5kg is NOTHING when you lift it with both your hands. But when you continuously uphold it overhead, it feels like 500KGS on the shoulders! My legs were already wobbly from the 4.6km run earlier to PushMore. Then did the presses...then the lunges. At every step, the back knee must touch the ground to ensure full ROM.

Eddibee, Juan and Ben did the lunges together. Ben did 400m. Eddibee and I did 100m each. He was pumped from the deadlifts. I was dead from the run under the humid and still air...breathing in all the carbon monoxide emitted from the lorries and non tree hugging vehicles. *kof kof*

The legs felt like Konyaku jelly after that... And the best part was?

I had another 4.6km run to go!

Now, THIS was a GREAT morning! :)

Pic taken by Karen earlier after realizing my 'wings' when lifting OH!

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