Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Legs Choc Chip!

10 Mins AMRAP of:

30 Double Unders
15 KB Thrusters @ 12kg
5 Handstand Push Ups

Result: 3R + 30DU

Break and then -

35 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 20kg
50 Box Jumps 18"
35 Push Press @ 20kg
50 Squats
35 Toe to Bar (Rings)
50 KB Swings @ 16kg
35m KB Lunges @ 16kg
50 Burpees

Result: 31:50

Pretty interesting WOD I must say! Loved the weighted components with the MetCon elements. The challenge for me came in at the Lunges & Burpees. Really just did 1-by-1 till the end without any rest!

For SUCCESS, STAY IN THE "ZONE"!! Mind over matter :)

Can't wait for post birthday celebration session tonight! Wheeee! :)

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