Thursday, February 18, 2010

Deadlift & Presses

Five Rounds for time of: 
10 Deadlifts @ 70kg/50kg 
10 Burpees

Result: 8:22 (DL @ 60kg)


Another powerful workout that smashed the back! The deadlifts were the challenge since I upped the weight by 10kgs to 60kgs! My 1RM for DL is only 87.5kgs so this is pretty DAMN xiong! After the 2nd set, I had to break it up into (6-4)s cos the back and grip were just failing on me. HAh. teruk betul. Even switching grips/hands didn't make such a big difference. Must nail 10 straight next time!

Burpees? Easy! Breathless slightly but EASY! Muahaha....

5-5-5-5-5 (25kg, 30kg,30kg,30kg,30kg)

30? DYING at the 4th & 5th rep! Struggling till I took 10 secs just to get the last rep up!  HAHHAHA :) Love the pain tho! 

I swear the veins were popping out of my head! My back was as stiff as a metal rod and I could almost feel my legs locked up worse than cramps! Was SO glad it's over and done with. Haven't done it in a while! 



Come to think about it,
There's heaps and tons to improve on.
Muscle Ups
Ring Dips
CTB Pull UPs
32kg KB swing
40kg Presses
50kg Push Jerk
50kg Cleans
100kg Deadlift

I've got 10mths to go! 

LET'S DO THIS!!!!!! :)

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