Monday, February 15, 2010

This Week Ahead

A great Monday is passing! Did a tough park workout with the guys from PushMore till our hip flexors were kinda sore! Haha! A big well done goes out to : Alien, Fashionista, 50Cent & Hippy Chick, Ponytail, and also to LongLegs for joining us during the Sprints. Hohoho!

Anyway, for this week, here's what I have planned!

Tuesday: Snatch or Cleans
Wednesday: MUs
Thursday: KB Work
Friday: Endurance/Presses

Gotta watch my left wrist's condition! It's a little achy at certain angles but not as serious as you may think it is! I just hope it's not flimsy! Will make sure I end the week well, with good results from this week's training!

It's gonna be a GREAT week ahead!!! :D

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