Thursday, February 4, 2010

Signs you may not be a CrossFitter

1. You check the web site or Facebook before deciding if you are working out or not.
2. You shave off reps and don't feel like a complete douchebag.
3. You text or talk on your cell while people are still working out.
4. You don't encourage, congratulate, high-five or otherwise support others.
5. You arrive late and hold up the rest of the class.
6. Your "joint mobility" consists of talking with lots of hand gestures.
7. You sit down, every chance you get.
8. You whine about not being able to do double unders, and never practice them.
9. You ask the trainer to explain the workout, 10 seconds after he just explained the workout.
10. You give anything less than 100%. (Leave that to the globo gyms)

Thanks to Crossfit Orillia :)

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