Thursday, February 11, 2010

Death by Shoulders

Run: 3x(200m + 400m+ 600m)


For time of:
150 KB Clean & Jerks @ 24kg/16kg

Result: 30:30

One of the lousiest workout I ever did. Ever. EVER!

I wasn't feeling up to mark when I did the run. Had a slow start as usual, however the 2nd 200m was pretty good! Soon enough, my left ankle, tendon, right ankle and arch was feeling discomfort when I ran somewhere in the middle of the 2nd round. I had 2 options. Continue, or stop. Cannot stop! No! This discomfort was the kind that comes and goes, and once you submit to it, you will forever submit to this sort of pathetic excuse. So I continued to run. And the pain disappeared! :)

Soon after, I! finishing point is wrong.. ohno!... I must've over-distanced at one point! Oh gawd. Pissed I was. Lack of focus. Dang. It's's ok... I'll just finish off with 800m. And that's what I did.

Breathless. Legs-less. Alien-less. (Alien left me far far away today..he damn fast aar)

By the time we got back up, I chilled for about 15mins and tried the TGUs. I just did 1 L & 1 R and I decided it was enough. PERIOD.

Then, a couple of guys were starting the KB C&Js and I just thought "Screw the shoulders, just do it!!

"3,2,1, GO!"

Steady first 30reps. No probs. 5 each hand. Smooth.
31 onwards was HELL.

I was cursing in my head each time I picked up the KB. It was the combination of reps and weight after the run which I think I could've done better. I managed 5 each arm all the way. I was getting frustrated cos the left arm was failing me at the 90th rep. I had trouble locking out at the top once fatigue sets in. 

Told myself to TAHAN the KB smacking my upper arm during the cleans and just power to the top. THEN only break for about 30secs. 

I'm glad I evenly spaced out the L&R reps... noticeably my Left arm needs some work! Well, this is a good indicative exercise and glad I did it. Best part? I didn't get any ripped palms! Wheeee!!! 

Sore shoulders welcomes CNY. A well deserved break!

Happy Chinese New Year to you :)

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