Thursday, February 4, 2010

Timed Sets

Decided to take an easy day on weights today after working hard for the past few weeks which was pretty hectic!

After doing 40:20x5 with Alien & Predator, I was still feeling the fatigue from the night out with some friends..the regular lack of sleep, OD on sugar etc. not forgetting the lame wisemen jokes and oddities! Laughed so hard my abs almost came out of my mouth!!!

The run was OK...I felt as if I was jilted by my 2 loverboys and I had to chase them for their love..hahah! We didn't record the distance since we didn't have an official benchmark to follow... No biggie :)

Anyway, today I decided to do timed sets again and this time, I upped my weights to 16kgs for all, and I added in Snatches at 12kgs. Darn scared to rip my palms! Darn the blisters! I have 4 blisters: 1 ripped, 3 intact. Out of 3, 1 of them bloody!

I am working on:
1) Gripping the KB - use fingers to support, not the palm. The 'meatiness' causes skinfolds and this causes callouses/blisters...some just breaking past the dermis, some breaking bloody past epidermis. During snatches, I wanna practice "rolling" the KB from the palm till the fingers. Must get this right!
2) Shoulder Strength! I can press a 16kg but with the elbow angling outwards. Ideally, it should be pointing forward sans rotation in the joint. This method activates the anterior delts and stabilizers which is crucial for stronger presses. I wanna train the muscle to remember the movement well. So you'll probably see me doing lightweight lifts for a couple of days, and then will hit the big boys soon.
3) Forearms Strength! Once the forearms are stronger, I would be able to control the weights better to a larger extent. The wrist would also indirectly be stronger as a result of continuous pressure being applied to condition the wrist. Gotta do more pullups, planks, single arm presses/pushups...etc...

For now, one of my main goals is to Push Jerk 40kgs. That's 80% of my bodyweight yeah?!

Stay tuned for results towards the end of the year! (I'd be bigger, better, and more "alienatedness"!)

Deadlift @ 70kg

Front Squat @ 35kg

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