Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paleo Starts Today!

Back on Paleo after a 3 month hiatus! :)
Now that CNY dinners are almost over, I can safely choose and pick my food to suit my activities.

Breakfast: 15 Cashew nuts
                 1 Mandarin Orange
Lunch: Omelette with tomatoes, tuna & cheese.
           4 Dumplings + Soup
           1 Kopi 'o' ais.
Dinner: Steamed chicken with cashew nuts & pistachios
             2 Mandarin Oranges,
             Dates with almonds

Yup yup, not very balanced today. Need to stock up on vegetables and 'easy-pak' nuts! Fruits I have ample to survive the coming days till the weekend!

Day 1 : Success! Can't wait for Day 2!! :)

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