Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sucky BB Work

50 Snatches @ 20kg
50 Squat Cleans @ 20kg

Result: 37:42

Form OFF.
Timing OFF
Landing partially OFF
Hip extension OFF

OMG. Darn tough.

Will do more work on this as I'm not engaging enough hip power to drive the bar straight up. Now it looks like a banana...well, partially! On not so strong reps, that is!! HAhaha! :)

Then in the middle, took a few breaks..so Predator could have a go.. took movie la... aiyo. intensity jatuh.
hahahahah...nevertheless, i'm knackered and sore!

Note to self:
  1. Time Squats to cushion bar at rack position.
  2. Drop quicker below the weight.
  3. Turn on Hips Babeh!!!
Alright! Time to rest! Good workout today! Deserves a nice cuppa coffee in the morning ... yes I'm talking about the future :)

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